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The Proper Way to Serve Moroccan Tea

In houses, cafes, stores and markets right across Morocco people are drinking tea made with mint leaves. However, authentic Moroccan mint tea differs from the more familiar American version.

Sometimes known as Maghrebi-style tea, the drink is prepared with a combination of dried green tea leaves and fresh mint leaves. Sugar is used to sweeten the tea, making it more refreshing to drink in the hot Moroccan sun.

Moroccan Tea


The Right Stuff

While there may be slight variations in the proportions, a classic Moroccan mint tea always contains a spoonful of dried gunpowder green tea, a handful of fresh mint, boiled water and a lot of sugar. Anything else is unnecessary. Rinse the mint before use, and use cubed sugar if possible. If gunpowder green tea is unavailable, Chinese green tea will suffice.


Give It a Swirl

Serving Moroccan tea involves a short, but necessary ritual that rids the green tea leaves of some of their bitterness. First, add the tea to a small metal teapot. Pour half a cup of boiled water into the pot and allow it to rest for around 10 seconds. Swirl the water around, then strain it, leaving the tea leaves in the pot.

Repeat the process at least once. The swirling takes away the bitter edge. It’s important to use a tea strainer to keep all of the gunpowder tea in the pot.


Make Room for Mint

Moroccan tea needs a good handful of mint in the teapot, along with sugar and boiled water. Pressing the mint with the back of a spoon releases the mint flavor into the water. Pour the tea into a tall, glass teacup. However, instead of drinking the tea, pour the liquid back into the pot. Do this as many as four times, all to mix the flavors as fully as possible before serving.


Pour for More

Once the tea is well mixed, it’s time to serve. The authentic Moroccan tea cup is tall and clear and is usually made from glass. Strain the liquid into the cup and add a few leaves of fresh mint. The amount of extra sugar to add is all up to the taster.


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