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Can I Use Egg Roll Wraps for Making Wontons?

Wontons are a simple and versatile staple in Chinese cooking. Wonton dough is often fried and served like a cracker. It can also be wrapped around a wide variety of fillings and steamed or fried.

They are available in the World foods aisle of most mainstream grocery stores and in smaller groceries that specialize in Asian foods. However, if you do not have wontons, you can substitute egg roll wraps with good results.

Making Wontons


Comparing Wraps

Egg roll wraps and wonton skins are very similar. They are both based on the same basic pasta dough ingredients: flour, water, egg and salt. Egg roll wraps are larger and thicker than the typical wonton skin.



In general, you simply need to cut egg roll wraps into fourths before using as wonton skins. If you plan to make steamed wontons, you may need to use a rolling pin to roll the egg roll wraps to make them paper thin.

If the wraps are too thick, they will not have the translucent appearance and light texture typical of steamed wontons.


Fried Wontons

Egg roll wraps are an ideal substitution for fried wontons, because egg rolls are designed to be deep-fried. Cut the egg roll wrap down to size, fill with your desired filling and seal it with a glue made of cornstarch and water.

Deep-fry the wontons as usual. You do not need to roll out or thin egg roll wraps when making fried wontons. The additional thickness of egg roll wraps will help ensure that the wontons stay together in the hot oil.


Wonton Soup

Wontons intended for soup are more delicate than those intended for deep-frying. The wraps must be very thin, so they cook quickly in the simmering broth, but thick enough that they do not fall apart.

Roll the egg roll wrap to a thickness of about 1/16th inch before cutting to size and filling.


Wonton Crackers

Many Chinese restaurants serve fried wonton skins as an accompaniment to other dishes. To make these with egg roll wraps, simply cut the egg roll wraps into rectangles and deep-fry them.

Season with salt for savory crackers, or a little cinnamon and sugar for a dessert.



Egg roll wraps are often sold frozen to maintain freshness. Let them come to room temperature before working with them or the dough will crack when you try to fold or roll it.

Keep thawed egg roll wraps covered with a slightly damp towel. This will keep the dough from drying out before you have a chance to use it. Dry egg roll wraps will crack when you try to roll them.

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